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About Wassfelt Grafisk Service

Wassfelt Grafisk Service AB
PO-Box 171 59
SE-104 62 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 658 10 80
Fax +46 8 720 54 01
Visiting address: Ludvigsbergsgatan 5, Stockholm
E-Mail: info at wassfelt.se

Wassfelt Grafisk Service AB began life in 1986, founded by ourselves – father and son Ingvar and Johnny Wassfelt. Ours is a small company which prides itself for its personal service and high degree of precision in everything we do. Something rarely seen in today’s hi-tech graphic industry, but which is needed as much now as it was 26 years ago.

Our initial customers were industrial, graphic and commercial designers who needed to create cutting edge designs that would reproduce true-to-life mock ups as precursors to end products.

Our business cornerstone is a unique system that can reproduce colors, design components and shapes in perfect detail, producing transfers which can be applied to almost all surfaces that a designer may require. Over time, both our skills and our system’s technical capabilities have evolved until today, when we can proudly say that we have a craftsmanship that matches the most exacting standards of design professionals around the world.

As our business has grown, we have moved into a market position where we provide products for some of the industry’s top players. And it’s a position that we plan to continue to develop and evolve as market needs dictate.

For us, ideas in a digital environment are the basis for our creative process. And it is with great pride that we turn these concepts into reality with precision and an eye for detail.

With a Nordic-wide network, and our focus on quality and short delivery times, we aim to provide exactly what our clients require – from the simplest sheet of transfers to the most intricate of design projects.