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We often receive e-mails and phone calls from clients requesting information about what they need to take into consideration when using our services. These questions range from which materials they can use to how complex deigns can be achieved. We have collected the most common questions in our FAQ. Should you require further information, please contact us on:

info at wassfelt.se or +46 8 658 10 80


Irrespective if you need simple dry transfers, PMS color matching services or full scale dummy production, we can provide you with a highly detailed and exacting solution. It’s a method that does not allow for imperfections or mistakes and which takes skill and time to complete.

What digital format do I need to provide you with if I want to e-mail a document?

Illustrator or a normal vector based EPS file. Medium to Hi-rez PDFs can also be used.

What about typefaces?

If you have used PC-based design software or have unusual, non-stock or own-design typefaces, the simplest way to provide us with these is by creating outlines.

What if I require a full sheet of PMS or NCS dry transfers?

When creating the file that you will provide us with, use the document color specification “CMYK”.

Should you require single color transfers, use plain black and specify in your e-mail which color you require the transfers to be produced in. You can specify this in PMS, NCS or RAL. We can even create your own specific color if you provide us with a color sample.

What about multi-colored transfers?

When if comes to multi-colored transfers, we need the original artwork to be produced in spot colors. If you are using Illustrator, you can select spot colors using the tag “Swatch Libraries”. Select “PANTONE Solid coated”.

Note! Our system requires that even white be selected as a spot color. If you require NCS or RAL colors, use Tag Swatches to define these. By double clicking on the swatch, you are able to re-name a particular color. If you are unsure of what is meant by spot colors, see your software manual or call us for assistance.

How detailed will the final product be?

You can basically decide the size of your typefaces, however, there is a lower limit to what can be produced with regard to size and line thicknesses. With our current technology, we can create lines with a thickness tolerance of as little as 0.1 mm and typefaces as small as – well if you can read it, we can do it.

What size transfer sheets are available?

Either A4 or A3. We charge for the size of the sheet and not the number of transfers that it contains although technical limitations and practical considerations require a certain amount of space around each transfer. Our advice is to fill the sheet with as many transfers as possible to provide you with the maximum value for money.

Where should I send my documents?

info at wassfelt.se

And it may sound strange, but don’t forget to enclose the file. It happens more often than you’d think. Compress the file using Drop-stuff or Zip if it is a large file (exceeding 4 MB).

You can also use an FTP server or web-based software such as Fileflow. But please inform us of which method you intend to use before sending us the file.

I have a design, but need help to produce a workable original document. What should I do?

We provide this service in accordance with our pricelist.

I have my sheet of transfers. Now what do I do?

In order to illustrate the application process, we have made a short film showing you what to do.

Click on the link below to see the film.

How to apply a dry transfer / rub on from Wassfelt Grafisk Service.